Our Services

Creating cross-channel business solutions

A unique mix of business savvy, design and coding skills.

Strategic collaboration

While Nubix is skilled at navigating the design, programming and distribution layers of the web, mobile and connected TV ecosystems, we also bring a strategic business mindset to all client engagements. We work collaboratively to answer questions such as what to include and what to leave out in an MVP, what marketing channels are most effective, when to go native mobile and when responsive is the right choice.


We have the business development and marketing experience to turn ideas into products. Using subscription, pay-per-view or advertising models, we turn sites and apps into revenue streams. We can integrate with existing e-commerce solutions, layer bespoke functionality on mainstream services or build a fully customized solution that accommodates any business process.

Three paths to success

It’s rare that web, mobile or TV makes sense as a stand-alone distribution strategy. Each channel has strengths and weaknesses.

Three paths to success
Putting the web to work

The web has reach, but it’s not the best place to consume content or be social. Its real strength is as a key player in a marketing strategy.

Making mobile meaningful

Apps need to serve as a window to experiences, seamlessly connecting and sharing data with other users and other distribution channels.

Creating TV that engages

Connected TV isn’t just a place to passively watch video; it’s an open development environment for creating engaging, interactive experiences.

Tailored outcomes

It's all about getting the right content to the right audience on the right devices.

Audience targeting

Knowing your audience, their existing consumption behaviour and who your competitors are will inform design and content development decisions. What works on one platform needs tweaking to maximize its impact on another.

Device hierarchy

In a 360° world, the connected TV - the highest quality, premium experience platform - sits at the top of the device hierarchy. Assets and interfaces developed for connected TV are repurposed and reworked for the web and mobile.

Leveraging assets

If a brand or product already has a high-quality web, mobile or TV asset that’s effectively engaging users or customers, we take on the challenge of dovetailing the new and existing environments to create a harmonized solution.